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  • Hi Liz,

    Thank you for this information. We are gradually collecting further information about the ponds and will add this in. We are also actively looking for someone to put the information together for a pond project. Would you be interested or know someone who would like to be involved.
    Once again thank you
    Regards, Caroline

    By Caroline Ludgate (07/11/2022)
  • In this month’s bismonroptis there is a request for info about the village ponds.
    There is a small dew pond at the top of the wood at little down. I do not know much about it but have always understood it to be there where the clay cap covers the chalk geologically and it was made where there was an old drovers road for the animals being driven to Alresford market. Until fertilizes in the 2nd world war improved the ground, the area around Lyeway was too poor for crops and was only used for animal grazing.

    By Liz wheeler (05/11/2022)

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